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We Are A Certified Credit Repair Specialist

1. Specialized in the removal of:

2. Bankruptcies

3. Tax Liens

4. Charge offs

5. Collections Accounts

6. Late Payments from Closed Accounts 


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Fixing your credit 

What is Credit?

Credit allows us the ability to obtain goods or services pre-payment, based on the trust that payment will be made in the future. You need good credit to purchase homes, cars, and other expensive items.

Here is how it Works

 We obtain a copy of your credit report from all three (3) credit bureaus. 

We review for accuracy: name, address (past and current), employment, and credit accounts such as credit cards, loans, and collections.

We dispute any inaccurate information with the credit bureau.

We create a financial plan to help you maintain your current responsibilities

We provide you with coaching sessions to help you understand everything on your credit report and formulate a guideline to help you get back and stay on track.

Our Promise

When you contact us, we listen to you and get an understanding of your goals whether it is to buy a car, purchase your dream house, or just want to get your credit score and finance back on track. 

Our Mission 

To provide support for credit restoration, financial education, and coaching, to get you back on a healthy financial path. 

We are efficient in repairing

your credit.

Your credit is repaired based on the laws that governs credit and is monitored by the 

 credit act.

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Collection Repair 

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