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Top Score Financial, Inc has over 10 years of experience serving the people in our communities. We are ready to support you to increase your credit score to get you back on track where you can buy that car or house with ease.

What is your current

Financial Diagnosis?

Backed by years of experience & accreditation

1. We work for you and we get the job done

2. Get one on one consultation

3. Personalize service

4. Personalize Prices

5. Financial Freedom 

Certified Credit Repair Specialist

Our Services

We specialized in the removal of Bankruptcies, Tax Liens, Charge offs

Collections Accounts, Late Payments from Closed Accounts,

and much more

Our Promise

When you contact us, we listen to you and get an understanding of your goals whether it is to buy a car, purchase your dream house, or just want to get your credit score and finance back on track.

Our Mission

To provide support for credit restoration, financial education, and coaching, to get you back on a healthy financial path.

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Our Proof

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